Soar High: Wingstacular Meal

I don’t know if it’s a millennial thing, but recently I’ve noticed a large number of resto offering chicken wings on their menu. And a large number of people are loving it!!

Since I’m a big fan of chicken wings, not just the fried ones, but the ones with flavors. I’ve searched for the perfect place that offers flavorful chicken wings near my area. Who doesn’t want their wings to be juicy from the inside and saucy on the outside, right?

So in my quest to find the most delish chicken wings near from where I live, I stumbled upon Akie’s. Their selection of chicken wings definitely did not disappoint!

Check out their menu and choose your flavor!

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If you are in the Philippines and you happen to be in the south, particularly in the town of Minglanilla, don’t forget to visit them.


Adrenaline Rush: White Water Rafting in CDO

There’s no other place in the Philippines I could think of to experience the best white water rafting than in Cagayan De Oro. But I found out after our trip that the province of Laguna also offers the same activity though less extreme. And extreme activity is what we’re after, so CDO was and is still the best option!

My fondness for extreme sports/activity does not mean I did not have any fear or hesitation with white water rafting. But my being half-hearted in doing this activity is I believe, valid. How can someone who does not know how to swim be fully confident, right? The activity involves battling with strong rapids or turbulence that may or may not cause our raft from flipping over, after all.

Backing out is not an option. Besides, the photos I’ve seen from blogs and from a relative looks so fun and exciting. I wouldn’t dare miss the fun! So that little voice of fear was push at the back of my head and never did I entertain it again. 🙂

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Love and Misadventure

( Definitely this piece is not by Lang Leave. But I do love her works! Thus the title of this short article 🙂 )


” If something in life is hurting you, you must change it, even though the change may hurt you more. “

This one is easier said than done. I bet there are a lot of times when you tell yourself to let go and move on. Change your situation. Get out from the ” love pit “. There’s been countless times that you have imagined yourself without that person and think you can get through it. You want it to end because it’s hurting you but then when you get the courage to do so you’ll feel weak and scared that change may hurt even more. It’s okay. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way. But don’t allow yourself to stay in that position for so long, help yourself to find the courage to break free. Yes, it may hurt more but it will be worth it. You’re worth it.


” I love the ones who stay in my life and make me happier. I also love the ones who left my life and made me stronger.” 

Love, something so powerful and yet so deadly, but Love we must spread. Yes, no one is exempted. Love should be given to all, even to those who have hurt us. They may have caused us pain and loneliness but it sure made us stronger. And we must thank those who have made us stronger  as they made us know ourselves better.


” Too often, the only escape is sleep.” 

Why not, right? I guess it’s also the only escape that won’t cost anything. So you’re saving your self from self destructing and over spending. Besides, not every one should know on how close you are from drowning. So sleep, it’s free.

” A Strong woman is one who is able to smile this morning like she wasn’t crying all night. “

I’m not saying that it’s not gonna be obvious that you did cry all night though, but at least smile and pretend all is well. Smile like you were never hurting. That whatever pain you’re feeling was washed away by all those tears. Just smile and I assure you it will somehow make you feel better. Wake up, SMILE, and tell yourself ” Everything’s okay”.



Thirty in Dubai

I bid farewell to my twenties and said hello to another chapter of my life. Yes, I am old. But I don’t feel like I am. As the cliche goes : Age is just a number. True! Our age should not define us and limit us from what we want to do. There is no rule that says that people in their 30’s can’t do things the younger people do. My new journey has just begun. And I decided to jump start my journey in Dubai. The rest of the travel destination shall wait for me as I am ready to explore and experience the world. They say 30 is the new 20. I will not argue with that. 😀

In this post, I will be mainly sharing my pictures and show you how much I enjoyed my short stay in Dubai. It might help you plan your itinerary just in case you too would like to visit. Not much information here as I have forgotten the details of the trip ( the cost and how to get there info’s). So for now, enjoy Dubai through my pictures! 🙂

BeFunky Collage



Visiting the Dessert Safari is a must. You should experience the Sand Dunes, of course!


My encounter with a Falcon! Falcons is one of the status symbol for people in Dubai or in the Middle East. The Falcon is the national bird of UAE and is a symbol of force and courage, recognizing the importance of falconry in Arab tradition and culture.

camel ride

Camel Ride across the dessert! The ride may have been short but it was just the experience I needed. I couldn’t dare ride longer as somehow I felt the camel was tired, or at least it looks like it was.

burj khalifa


dubai mall


So that’s how I celebrated life. Ain’t bad, right? 😀


Random thought : missing christmas

Belated Merry Christmas!! The year is almost ending and yet I have this feeling I won’t even notice it. This is what you get when you’re in a place where the usual holidays you enjoy are not being celebrated.

Back home, when the ‘ber’ months starts, streets are filled with colorful christmas lights and star shaped christmas decor that we call PAROL. Families put up their best christmas trees. Carolers,both kids and adults, sings christmas songs from house to house. Street food vendors serve christmas foods such as puto bumbong and bibingka. Ooooh! I could still remember how good it smells.

These are the few things I miss (big time)!! Along with planning the menu for our noche buena and medya noche (im not sure if I spelled it right) with my mom. I miss the fun in joining the holiday rush and the fulfillment I feel after preparing that perfect meal in our christmas table. I miss the fireworks and the sound of the trumpets kids blow when the clock strikes twelve. I miss how joyful everyone feels and how giving everyone is. Oooh! The joy of giving and recieving.

Now, Christmas day is just another regular work day. 😓


Our only reminder of Christmas.

Spoonful : Nando’s

Food is one of the things I turn to when I am happy or sad. My physique may not show how much I love food but the truth is I eat like a man. *wink

Searching for good food is I believe a must when you’re in a new place. And good food doesn’t always mean expensive and luxurious. Thus, whenever we’re out we try to dine at places that are known for their delish offerings. Be it at fast-food chains, restaurants or bistros.

Nando’s caught our attention as we were passing by. The place was jam-packed with hungry souls. The dishes on their tables look appetizing for me. It’s impossible not to stop and stare. It was their chicken espatada that lured me to dine at Nando’s. Their peri-peri chicken made them different from other chicken houses I’ve dined in too. Letting you choose your chicken’s level of hotness is a big thumbs up for me. It’s like they’re making sure I don’t get to blame the chefs if the food is too hot for my liking. 😉

So here’s us enjoying our espatada and chicken peri-peri.





Random Thought: A Little of Doha

They say you have to love what you have. Well, in my case, I have to love where I am.

Where I am right now may not be my first choice to experience being an expat. Admit it, most of us wants to be in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia or somewhere colder ( and poshier) than HOME. But hey, it ain’t bad here at all! Doha is not just all dessert, sand storm, camels ( I’d like to ride one soonest) and extreme weather. It may not be as open as Dubai but Doha still offers entertainment (places to go to and activities to do) that makes your stay worthwhile and helps kill homesickness. Its rich culture makes the place interesting. One just needs to know where to look. It may not be much for some but these places we have been to made us a happy expat.