Is there still a CURE?


The Philippines is a RICH country but the people are POOR and politicians are CORRUPT. Sad truth. If the people have any other choice ( and by people I mean me included), I would start packing my things and live somewhere else. But things are not done with a snap of a finger. And with the country’s recent event, it couldn’t get any worse.

Just by this quarter of the year, a lot had happened. Ships colliding which lead to the deaths of fellow Filipinos. Then there’s this Pork Barrel Scam, which I think already existed even before I was born, that’s suddenly out in the open. And in the middle of unmasking this pork barrel scam, a ‘war’ between the MNLF and the government started. Allow me to say it again and this time in a question form. How worse can it get?

With all this happening, and who know’s what will happen next, will there be a brighter tomorrow? Will these politician be punished? Or will they be replaced by another set of trash politicians? Will there be peace between the MNLF and the government?  How many more Filipinos will suffer and die?

Is there still a CURE?


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