Morenas ROCK, do you agree?

How many morenas do you know who haven’t tried to have fairer skin? 1 or none? I would say NONE. Well, we can’t actually blame them or blame US.

Oh, yes. I am one of those morenas who have tried a gazillion ways to achieve that fair skin everybody views as PERFECT. And by gazillion ways, I mean I’ve tried almost, if not all, whitening creams and soaps, not to mention IV glutathione ( which really did not work for me).

Then again, you can’t blame us. A lot of us, especially us Filipinos, grew up with all these people telling us how pretty these mestizas are and that we morenas would look prettier if we have fairer skin. Plus the media’s non stop campaign (yeah, i consider it as a campaign against morenas..haha) in promoting fairer skin and rosy cheeks has led us to thinking that fair skin would equal to beauty. That these cancer-prone ladies are prettier. (bitterness alert!! haha)

I say ‘screw them’ for planting these ideas into our minds. We are pretty, morenas or fair-skinned.

Morenas ROCK!

p.s. as of this writing, i am using some whitening soap for my daily bath. And I’m hoping it works.. haha.. Product review to follow. 🙂


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