An FB status went viral when a foreign woman said something offensive to the newly crowned Miss World 2013. But she did not only offend 1 person but a million. And I thought that gone are the days when racism is present. Sadly, there are still those that are insensitive, narrow-minded, naive, and who talks using their butts and not their brains.


Yes, it is true. Filipinos go abroad and work as “maids”. This is not something that we want but we are proud. We are proud because this is a decent job and we do this to provide a better future for our families. But Filipinos can do the white collard jobs with excellence as well. Many Filipinos abroad are being recognize for their wonderful contribution to the organization where they belong, be it in an office or at the hospital where nurses are mostly Filipinos.

I remember one article written by a foreign national. It was quite a long article expressing his gratitude and love to the Philippines and the Filipinos. His work involves travelling around the world thus allowing him to see that in every country he visits, there is a Filipino worker. A Filipino worker who helps another country build that sky-high building, a Filipino who takes care of foreign people when they’re sick, a Filipino who prepares the food at their tables and looks after their children and a Filipino who helps entrepreneur’s with their business. The list of jobs a Filipino can do is endless.

So imagine the world without Filipino workers. These sky-high infrastructure will not be existing, hospitals will be out of nurses, offices will be empty and houses will be filthy as hell.

We know that there are still those who looked down on us. But before you open that stinky mouth or post a status which is for all to see, think hard (if you still have brains) and try browsing the net to see how many Filipinos are better than you.


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