Shoestring Budget Travel – Tagaytay


For the many times I’ve been to and fro Manila, I’ve always wanted to go to Tagaytay. But all previous plans were a failure.

This time no reason or excuse was acceptable. So it happened! Weeks prior to our trip, I’ve searched the net for the must visit place, the best restaurants to dine and the cheapest inns to stay. Wanting to make sure that I get the best from this trip, I copied almost all itinerary I found online that looks interesting and budget friendly. Yes, I was excited like that! Can you blame me? I’ve waited for this trip for a long time.

And so without further ado, let me share with you the things we did in Tagatay! ( and a short review of each place )

1. Brunch at Bag of Beans

Place – It was a little crowded when we got there, probably because it was a weekend. It took us several minutes before we got ourselves a table and another few minutes for them to provide a chair that can sit all of us ( we were 7 ).

Food – The food was good and the serving was generous. We had grilled pork chops, Puttanesca, Breakfast sampler, Beef Tapa, Fish and Chips, and a burger.

You can check this link for the menu along with the prices :

Tip : Better make a reservation. This place is a fave of both locals and tourists.


2. Puzzle Mansion

Place – One word to describe it ” Ordinary. Two words will be “Nothing  Special”, except for the fact that it’s in the Guinness world records. Maybe I was just expecting more for the price we paid for the tickets ( 100Php per head ). An interactive activity perhaps? Or something to make the place not just a “plain museum of puzzles” . Well, maybe for the puzzle enthusiast, this place is heaven.

 Tip : I suggest not to visit this place if you’re really not into puzzles. 🙂 


3. Picnic Grove

Place – This place offers a spectacular view of Taal.  It’s one of the most visited tourist spot as it offers outdoor activities that all can enjoy. Take that perfect photo of Taal from its viewing deck or take a zip line ride for 350php – 400php per person. Cottages and tables are available for rent (ranging from Php100 to Php500) but we didn’t get one since we did not plan to stay long.

For a minimal entrance fee of 50Php, you get to relax and see the beauty of the world’s smallest active volcano.

Tip : Bring your own mat if you want to stay longer but you’re on a tight budget. 


4. Sky Ranch

Place – The Sky Ranch is a leisure park where you’ll find the Sky Eye, the said tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines which present a perfect view of Taal. This was one of my most anticipated activity here in Tagaytay and the ride was worth it. It did not fail to amazed me. If only I can keep our cabins/carriage at the top. I didn’t want it to end!!

To enjoy the rides and the view, you have to pay 80Php for the entrance fee and 150Php for the Sky Eye ride.

Tip: Make sure to bring a nice camera to capture the view during your Sky Eye experience. 


5.  Leslie’s Restaurant

Place – Leslie’s is one of the few restaurant that is known to serve the best bulalo in Tagaytay, thus it is frequented by many. It was already dinner time when we arrived, tables are mostly occupied, especially the ones with  good view.

Food – So we ordered 2 Bulalo for 350.00 per bowl,  1 bowl can feed 3-4 pax! We also ordered pork sisig and enseladang mangga for 250.00 and 150.00 respectively. The foods were tasty but it was way TOO SALTY.

Tip: Be there early to get the best spot or call ahead to reserve a table.


6. Famous Inn ( where we stayed )

Place – So I decided to risk it and booked 2 rooms at this place despite the not so good review.  We were on a tight budget as we know it 😉 . The place was not that bad for its price. It’s a decent place for an overnight stay. If you only intend to sleep and leave early the next morning ( just like what we did ), then Famous Inn is a place for you.

Tip: It is best to bring your own soap and shampoo. 


That’s the end of our first day in Tagaytay. Our climb to Taal Volcano will be on a different blog. :))


Here are some of our many pictures! 🙂



At Leslie’s


Puzzle Mansion


Sky Eye at Sky Ranch


Sky Ranch

Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans


Picnic Grove


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