Random Thought: Signs of Depression

I’m no expert at this. I’ve never been professionally diagnosed as well. I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist/shrink. Nor have I sat and talked with one, though there was a time when I wanted to. I did some research to know the signs of depression and do a self check.

Here’s the result of my self check :

They say depressed people tend to watch rubbish tv more than the happy ones. Should I consider myself depressed now? Because I watch tv from the moment I wake up until there’s nothing more to watch.

Depressed people sleep a lot or have a hard time sleeping. I do the former. Lately, I’ve been sleeping a lot, skipping meals at times just to sleep even if I don’t feel the need to doze off.

Recently, I’ve been feeling helpless, hopeless for some reason. I feel like life is going nowhere.

Lastly, depressed individual eat a lot or don’t eat at all. Well, I do eat, at least I force myself to.

I’m not sure if these things prove that I’m depressed or just PMSing.

Do you at times feel the same?


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