Happy 1 year of blogging!

I’m happy indeed! I started blogging just for fun and to kill boredom. And to love what I hate, writing! Yes, I hated writing since my grade school years. It felt like torture every time we were ask to write an essay in english class. I used to feel insecure every time I look at my friend’s paper and she’s already half way through, while I am still constructing my first sentence. Urgh!

It’s different now. WordPress has become my medium to hate writing a little less. Now I get excited the moment I open my blog and click on add new post. I’m loving how I am able to share my thoughts and travel experiences (mostly) through writing or blogging. I love that feeling of accomplishment every time I click on that publish button and that little high when some fellow bloggers like my post.

My English may not be flawless and my audience is minimal (for now), but this will not stop me from writing more.

So cheers for more years with wordpress!!


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