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Around the Corner: A night at Eastwood Richmond Hotel

I’m not a fan of this new fad “Staycation”. Not because I don’t like the idea of staying in a hotel but its because I find it unpractical. ( or maybe I just can’t afford it.. hahaha..) Really, I would rather spend my money on an out of town trip than spend it in a posh (or not so posh) hotel.

I’m not saying that ‘staycation’ doesn’t appeal to me at all, it does. But there are only three reasons for me to stay in a hotel for an overnight stay :

1. If someone else will shoulder the expenses. ( haha.. Any sponsors please? )

2. If the expenses will be divided amongst me and my ‘co-staycationers’.

3. If I have a Gift Certificate for an overnight stay with breakfast. 😉 ( ooooh, those crispy bacon they serve at the breakfast buffet, yummy! )

Our short stay at Eastwood Richmond Hotel was made possible by a gift certificate I got from my mom. Its expiry was nearing thus we decided to use it ( sayang naman! ).

The hotel is not meant for total relaxation. Though there is a pool at the rooftop, it’s still not that inviting. The location of the hotel may have contributed to that uninviting feeling. However, this hotel may be a perfect place for the business man or to those who wants to be around the busy streets of Eastwood.

Weeks prior to our planned ‘staycation’, I’ve search the web for reviews to know what to expect. Sadly, the reviews weren’t that good. And I may be adding some not so good review about the place.

The check in process was efficient and smooth, there was no unnecessary fuzz. I should know since I used to work in a 5-star hotel. 🙂 However, there was less information provided. A short hotel orientation,perhaps?


I was happy with the room they gave. It was near the elevator, thus there was less walking. (lazy butt! lol).




We stayed in our room after we had our dinner at Zark’s Burger near the hotel, which serves good burgers by the way. ( If not for the Cheeze Whiz, I’ll give that place a rate of 10).

Then, here comes breakfast! I was so excited to fill my belly with those crispy-greasy-bacon. Unfortunately, theirs was the opposite. Lamest breakfast buffet ever! The bacon was not crunchy and was way too GREASY. Other food selection were not appetizing as well. Our plate depicts how poor their breakfast option was.



After breakfast, we decided to see the rest  of the hotel before checking out. And whoah, the hotel have a pool and a gym and we didn’t even know! A night swim could have been relaxing. This is why a short hotel orientation is important.