away from home

Random thought : missing christmas

Belated Merry Christmas!! The year is almost ending and yet I have this feeling I won’t even notice it. This is what you get when you’re in a place where the usual holidays you enjoy are not being celebrated.

Back home, when the ‘ber’ months starts, streets are filled with colorful christmas lights and star shaped christmas decor that we call PAROL. Families put up their best christmas trees. Carolers,both kids and adults, sings christmas songs from house to house. Street food vendors serve christmas foods such as puto bumbong and bibingka. Ooooh! I could still remember how good it smells.

These are the few things I miss (big time)!! Along with planning the menu for our noche buena and medya noche (im not sure if I spelled it right) with my mom. I miss the fun in joining the holiday rush and the fulfillment I feel after preparing that perfect meal in our christmas table. I miss the fireworks and the sound of the trumpets kids blow when the clock strikes twelve. I miss how joyful everyone feels and how giving everyone is. Oooh! The joy of giving and recieving.

Now, Christmas day is just another regular work day. 😓


Our only reminder of Christmas.