Magnitude 7.2 and aftershocks still happening

An earthquake recently hit the Visayas region of the Philippines. The epicenter being in Bohol. I am from Cebu and I felt the shaking and moving of the ground. We were at Magnitude 7 as per the media.  As it happened, me and my partner  was on our way back to our house when I noticed the houses were slightly moving, then in a split second, the ground moved and the electricity post started to sway.  My initial reaction was to find a spot where we can’t be reached by falling debris or worst an electric post made of concrete ( this is the best time to practice what was taught during emergency awareness lecture ).  Our neighbors started to get out of their houses, most of them carrying their children. Panic was in our faces.  Right after the earthquake, power was out leaving us clueless on the extent of damage of what just happened.  It was torture not knowing what’s happening with those affected by the calamity and not knowing what to expect.  As of this writing, we are still experiencing aftershocks, some of it are strong reaching to magnitude 4-5.  We are still praying and is asking for all of you to do the same. That there will be no more lives lost, no more infrastructure that will be damaged and no more historical landmarks be destroyed.

Here are some of the church in Bohol and Cebu that were damaged.

The historic Sto. Nino Church in Cebu

The historic Sto. Nino Church in Cebu

One of the oldest church in Bohol
One of the oldest church in Bohol

Still an Old church in Bohol
Still an Old church in Bohol

It’s devastating to see these images of our church. We are deeply saddened by what happened.  Images above are part of Bohol and Cebu’s rich history.

A message has circulated the social media saying ” God was so busy protecting our homes that he forgot his own”.  Indeed true, there were close to zero reports ( as far as I know)  that houses were damaged.  With this, we are still thankful that many are safe.


Rise of Home Based Online Jobs

Never had I thought that Home Based Online Jobs are rapidly growing. Just this week, I learned that there’s a company that works as a recruitment agency. They hire Filipinos to work at home as virtual assistants to entrepreneurs across the globe. For the past year, I didn’t know such company does exist. Did you? Maybe a few of you does. I know Odesk and Elance are sites where you can find home based jobs too but a company just like this is new to me.

It is indeed the era of technology. Where high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The time where moms no longer just stays at home and do the household chores. With the rise of home based jobs, hundreds or thousands of Filipinos are given a means of living without jeopardizing the time they spend with their families.

Photo not mine.

Photo not mine.

In my recent discovery, around 30-60 Filipinos are hired monthly (in this one particular recruitment company I came across with) as Gen. Virtual Assistant, Content Writer, SEO specialist, Web Designer and Web Developer. Imagine if that trend will continue for the next 5 years or so. And take note that there are other recruitment company such as this. For sure, home based employees will increase a hundred folds.

It’s really not a surprised on why an increasing number of Pinoys opt to work at home. It’s convenient as you don’t have to allot a time for travelling. And the pay is really good compared to working in an office. PLUS, it’s TAX FREE which means your hard-earned money won’t go to the pockets of our corrupt politicians (Yehey!).

The above mentioned are just a few of the pros in working at home. If you think that a home based job is for you, better get the experience most of these recruitment agencies are looking for, you can start as an individual contractor or a project based employee in odesk. Once you have the experience, go start checking out the web sites of these recruitment agencies for a more stable-full time home based online jobs.

I can recommend one. 🙂

Morenas ROCK, do you agree?

How many morenas do you know who haven’t tried to have fairer skin? 1 or none? I would say NONE. Well, we can’t actually blame them or blame US.

Oh, yes. I am one of those morenas who have tried a gazillion ways to achieve that fair skin everybody views as PERFECT. And by gazillion ways, I mean I’ve tried almost, if not all, whitening creams and soaps, not to mention IV glutathione ( which really did not work for me).

Then again, you can’t blame us. A lot of us, especially us Filipinos, grew up with all these people telling us how pretty these mestizas are and that we morenas would look prettier if we have fairer skin. Plus the media’s non stop campaign (yeah, i consider it as a campaign against morenas..haha) in promoting fairer skin and rosy cheeks has led us to thinking that fair skin would equal to beauty. That these cancer-prone ladies are prettier. (bitterness alert!! haha)

I say ‘screw them’ for planting these ideas into our minds. We are pretty, morenas or fair-skinned.

Morenas ROCK!

p.s. as of this writing, i am using some whitening soap for my daily bath. And I’m hoping it works.. haha.. Product review to follow. 🙂