Spoonful : Nando’s

Food is one of the things I turn to when I am happy or sad. My physique may not show how much I love food but the truth is I eat like a man. *wink

Searching for good food is I believe a must when you’re in a new place. And good food doesn’t always mean expensive and luxurious. Thus, whenever we’re out we try to dine at places that are known for their delish offerings. Be it at fast-food chains, restaurants or bistros.

Nando’s caught our attention as we were passing by. The place was jam-packed with hungry souls. The dishes on their tables look appetizing for me. It’s impossible not to stop and stare. It was their chicken espatada that lured me to dine at Nando’s. Their peri-peri chicken made them different from other chicken houses I’ve dined in too. Letting you choose your chicken’s level of hotness is a big thumbs up for me. It’s like they’re making sure I don’t get to blame the chefs if the food is too hot for my liking. ūüėČ

So here’s us enjoying our espatada and chicken peri-peri.






Spoonful: Tamarind

My love for thai food has brought us here at Tamarind. I fell in love with thai cuisine after having one lunch out with friends at Siam. Though pronouncing the menu is still a struggle for me, except for pad thai of course, thai food is still on my favorite cuisine list. ( which is short,by the way). I just love the combination of flavors you experience every time you get a spoonful of their dish.

We passed by Tamarind as we were looking for the NBA Cafe. And it caught my attention instantly. So when the time came to fill our stomachs with food, I was already planning on how to convince my beau to dine at Tamarind. It’s a little hard to let him try new cuisines. He was probably hungry then that it was easier than usual to convince him.

We were ushered inside by one of their staff who waits outside for guests. Since it was already late for lunch and was way too early for dinner, the place was not full of diners. Just the way I like it. We were welcomed by the smell  of spices the moment we walk in. The interior was well decorated but not overly done.

The moment the menu was handed over, I felt that I’ll be a one happy diner. And indeed, I was!

Here’s us while waiting for our food and the dishes we enjoyed at Tamarind : Pad Thai – Chicken, Beef Green Curry,¬†Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaves,¬†Thai Deep Fried Pork Spareribs ( not in the pics),¬†Pineapple Rice (not in the pic) and¬†Fried Rice with Pork.


6 5




Where : 5/F SM Aura Premier, Sky Park, McKinley ParkwayMcKinley Hill, Taguig

Verdict :  I will definitely go back here. I love the food, the place and the staff. During our visit, the staff were friendly, prompt and attentive to our needs.

Price Range: 200 – 500 Php


Spoonful : Juana’s Budbod and Coffee

Juana’s Budbod and Coffee : where affordable price meets great tasting food!

From where i came from (cebu), budbod is a sticky rice wrapped in coconut leaf. Mostly eaten in the morning with our ‘sikwate’ ( hot choco). But in Juana’s, budbod is a special rice topped with our favorite Filipino viand – liempo, lechon, tinapa, beef tapa, adobo flakes and shawarma ( yes, i know the last one isn’t Filipino but its taste has been adjusted to the Filipino palate).

Juana’s Budbod is not just your usual “meat and rice meal”, along with your chosen topping are the freshest tomatoes, eggs and spring onions. So you have your carbs, protein and veggies in one spoonful!!

We were starving that day and thought that Juana’s is the perfect place to feed our hungry selves. Deciding on what topping to pick was hard as everything on their menu looks promising and appetizing!

So we agreed to get their Boodle Fight Meal. No doubt that it was the perfect choice. It had everything on it! The moment our order arrived, we started to dig in and everyone just went mute…hahaha. You can’t blame us, the food was delish!

Sadly, taking pictures of our food did not cross our mind (again, we were hungry like that). So I copied some pictures ( with permission of course ), from Juana’s facebook page to tickle your tastebuds. ūüėČ


5                                                                Their Boodle Fight Meal!



Juana’s does not only serve great tasting food but also has smoothies and juices to quench your thirst!




Juana’s has been featured in Pop Talk and Unang Hirit. This proves that they serve good food and they are loved by the students of U-Belt.



Juana’s Budbod and Coffee has been featured several times. From news paper, blogs and TV shows.


Where : 504 M.V. Delos Santos St cor Legarda St, Sampaloc, Manila

Landmark: University of Manila

Eats: Budbod Rice, Burgers ( adobonator ), smoothies/coffee

Price Range: 65 – 100 Php per meal


Facebook Page:

Facts and Awards:

  • previously named Kubo ni Juan
  • June, 2010- Top 3 Yummy Budget Eateries around UBelt
    (Feature Story for The Beat, QTV 11)
  • June, 2011- Top 10 Student Friendly Eateries
    (Feature Story for Student and Campuses Section, Manila Bulletin)
  • June, 2012- Included in Manila’s Most Popular Student Hang- outs
    (Featured in
  • June 2014 – Featured in Unang Hirit