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Wordless Wednesday : New Beginning



Random thought : Living life as an expat

I’ve always wanted to work outside my native country to have a greener pasture. I know it’s a cliche but it’s the truth. Sadly, from where I came from, earning big means leaving your family and your life.

So now I am starting a new job in Doha. Things are not as bad as I thought. I found out that I can adjust easily to new people. Seems like I’m getting to know myself a little better. This and a lot other reason why so far I am loving my expat life.

But it’s not all good though. Homesickness creeps in from time to time. There’s culture differences that I need to deal and get used to. And adjust to this 40ish degree celsius climate that welcomes me every time I step out from our building door.

To all the expat out there, how did you adapt?