random thoughts

Love and Misadventure

( Definitely this piece is not by Lang Leave. But I do love her works! Thus the title of this short article 🙂 )


” If something in life is hurting you, you must change it, even though the change may hurt you more. “

This one is easier said than done. I bet there are a lot of times when you tell yourself to let go and move on. Change your situation. Get out from the ” love pit “. There’s been countless times that you have imagined yourself without that person and think you can get through it. You want it to end because it’s hurting you but then when you get the courage to do so you’ll feel weak and scared that change may hurt even more. It’s okay. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way. But don’t allow yourself to stay in that position for so long, help yourself to find the courage to break free. Yes, it may hurt more but it will be worth it. You’re worth it.


” I love the ones who stay in my life and make me happier. I also love the ones who left my life and made me stronger.” 

Love, something so powerful and yet so deadly, but Love we must spread. Yes, no one is exempted. Love should be given to all, even to those who have hurt us. They may have caused us pain and loneliness but it sure made us stronger. And we must thank those who have made us stronger  as they made us know ourselves better.


” Too often, the only escape is sleep.” 

Why not, right? I guess it’s also the only escape that won’t cost anything. So you’re saving your self from self destructing and over spending. Besides, not every one should know on how close you are from drowning. So sleep, it’s free.

” A Strong woman is one who is able to smile this morning like she wasn’t crying all night. “

I’m not saying that it’s not gonna be obvious that you did cry all night though, but at least smile and pretend all is well. Smile like you were never hurting. That whatever pain you’re feeling was washed away by all those tears. Just smile and I assure you it will somehow make you feel better. Wake up, SMILE, and tell yourself ” Everything’s okay”.




Random Thought: Signs of Depression

I’m no expert at this. I’ve never been professionally diagnosed as well. I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist/shrink. Nor have I sat and talked with one, though there was a time when I wanted to. I did some research to know the signs of depression and do a self check.

Here’s the result of my self check :

They say depressed people tend to watch rubbish tv more than the happy ones. Should I consider myself depressed now? Because I watch tv from the moment I wake up until there’s nothing more to watch.

Depressed people sleep a lot or have a hard time sleeping. I do the former. Lately, I’ve been sleeping a lot, skipping meals at times just to sleep even if I don’t feel the need to doze off.

Recently, I’ve been feeling helpless, hopeless for some reason. I feel like life is going nowhere.

Lastly, depressed individual eat a lot or don’t eat at all. Well, I do eat, at least I force myself to.

I’m not sure if these things prove that I’m depressed or just PMSing.

Do you at times feel the same?