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Adrenaline Rush: White Water Rafting in CDO

There’s no other place in the Philippines I could think of to experience the best white water rafting than in Cagayan De Oro. But I found out after our trip that the province of Laguna also offers the same activity though less extreme. And extreme activity is what we’re after, so CDO was and is still the best option!

My fondness for extreme sports/activity does not mean I did not have any fear or hesitation with white water rafting. But my being half-hearted in doing this activity is I believe, valid. How can someone who does not know how to swim be fully confident, right? The activity involves battling with strong rapids or turbulence that may or may not cause our raft from flipping over, after all.

Backing out is not an option. Besides, the photos I’ve seen from blogs and from a relative looks so fun and exciting. I wouldn’t dare miss the fun! So that little voice of fear was push at the back of my head and never did I entertain it again. 🙂

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